PES currently provide a range of essential products from stock to petrol station forecourt equipment nationally.  Including janitorial, car wash supplies and much more.  PES are the long established market leader in New Zealand for the Petrochemical industry.  Contact us to schedule a visit to our showroom to see the products we supply and manufacture.

Forecourt Furniture

Forecourt Services Bins

100 Litre Twistlock Refuse Bin

50 Litre Refuse Bin

Forecourt Tyre Inflation Towers

Suitable for garage forecourts and petrol filling stations, our tyre inflation towers incorporate an electronic modular design to allow PES to offer a "menu driven" range of products. The new digital technology is enclosed in an aesthetically modern, die cast aluminium housing to offer repeatable accuracy. The technological advances incorporated in the units significantly reduce the requirements for other internal parts and maintenance, which provides reduced lifecycle costs for the operator.