Fuel Transfer Equipment

We supply a complete range of Fuel transfer equipment for the Petroleum industry. Take a look at what we offer or contact us to discuss custom built solutions for your business.


We supply a variety of Pumps, from Standard Duty Fuel Pumps, Battery Kits to Fuel Transfer Pump Kits and Oil Transfer Pump Kits.

Diaphragm Pumps

We supply Diaphragm Pumps such as the Air-operated Double Diaphragm Pump.

Hand Pumps

We supply a variety of Hand Pumps, from Standard Duty Hand Pumps, Hand Fuel Pumps, Anti-Corrosion Hand Rotary Pumps and Hand Drum Pumps.

Electric Pumps

We supply a variety of Electric Pumps from DC Diesel Pumps, AC Diesel Pumps & AC/DC Oil Pumps.

Flow Meters

We supply a variety of Meters, from Mechanical Fuel Meters, Digital Meters, and Turbine Digital Meters.


We supply a variety of Nozzles, from Aluminium Manual Nozzles, High Volume Automatic Nozzles to Stainless Steel Auto Shut-Off Nozzles


We supply a variety of Accessories, from Fittings to Hose Accessories, Filter Heads and Oil Indicators

Take a look at a brochure for a list of what we can offer you.